SPA Specialist

Caschera SPA takes only passionate and dedicate SPA talents.

From the day one, Caschera SPA talents are trained intensively a minimum of 120hrs training is conducted to the newly hired SPA talents before they are making debut interaction with the guests. Our purpose making the Caschera SPA talents to understand and adapt the SPA lifestyle firrst before delivering it to the guests.

A part of Training Intensively, Caschera SPA Trainers also handle the SPA grading system that held every six months.


This is a special method to oversee the SPA talents skills and their services. These tools are repaired by a professional trainer who ensure that 3 aspects are delivered to every Caschera SPA guests; the feel, the emotion and the touch.

Together Caschera SPA talents and the SPA itself have grown beautifully as _flower blossom, spreading its beauty and its scents.